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At TACK TECH we remain very grateful for the opportunities from our esteemed clients. In our work, we ensure to leave no stone or piece untouched which hasboosted our project delivery. We have had avariety of work, cutting across different levels of complexity. With our experience, we are your best partner in IT, while building our relationships with integrity and openness to our clients.



work flow software

Workflow Software

With the different complexities at work places with internal processes, say requesting for an Item like a vehicle, the Work –Flow Software can be re-engineered to resolve such procedurally internal processes to improve efficiency at work. Let us have requests made quickly, scrutiny & approvals of these request done promptly, and feedback given with limited delay.

School Management

With all the educational and administrative challenges involved in Management of an educational institute, the School Management Software enables schools to digitally manage and monitor daily school activities on a single platform. This software can automate and optimize teacher workload, helps schools to simplify enrollment processing, and enables teachers to monitor student’s academic progress.

Apartment/Premise Management Software

Oversee every aspect of property management from a single web application. Whether you are a landlord who owns a personal rental, or a property manager with multiple units, this web application is your one-stop solution. You can streamline workflows and centralize your data, reducing task duplications and the chaos of daily operations. Keep track of important details i.e. maintenance requests, rent payments, arrears, tenants -occupancy rates, suppliers’ payment, general expenses, and incomes.

Advocate Management

The Advocate Management System is an automation suite for managing the back end activities of an advocate’s office. The suite consists of the following modules like Notices & Complaint Management, Case Management, Employee Management and Accounts Management. The software helps advocates to manage their cases, as the full history of each case is available in a single click. The software also helps to effectively manage their redundant work in the form of the preparation of notices & complaints.

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